Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Walmart in Cibolo

I've been silently watching this issue - and think it's important enough to write about... So here I go!

A Walmart Somewhere in Cibolo doesn't bother me. I don't like the location and think there are probably better alternatives. Rushing it and trying to move forward with giving the City Manager authority to negotiate an agreement before significant community outreach makes city leaders look greedy for tax dollars and oblivious to the citizens desires.

In this case it appears to be a calculated risk by politicians of trying to ask for forgiveness, instead of permission, and it backfired. Apparently someone didn't read the political climate very well. A recall is looming with strong support and two HOA's hired legal representation.

There is a special city council meeting at 4:00 to discuss. I will not be there - but maybe some of you will be!


  1. Hit the nail on the head! Clearly the Council and City Manager had been working on this deal for some time as the deal would not have gotten this far along without their knowledge. In fact, while attending the Schertz Civic Center Presentation a couple of weeks back I spoke with more than one Wal-Mart official who spoke about working with various city personnel over a lengthy period of time. Some Council Members had been crowing a big deal coming to Cibolo for Months, my guess, to pad their own importance. It was not until the opposition came out and threatened “Recall” that some members of the council started to change their minds to the point of pandering to this particular group. I hear now that the Council has not/will not take action on the recall petitions (Express-News, July 31, 2013)?
    I too would have preferred another location; however, what is done is done and understand that a sale of property between a land owner and a business is sacred with the land in question being zoned commercial. What bothers me now is the fact that some members of council/city officials have talked about opening city coffers to entice Wal-Mart to move locations. This is tax-payer money and I find it offensive to pay dollars to this type of retail giant when clearly a pending law suit “will” cause us to pay plenty more than any deal to get this store to move. Besides, it is also quit clear that Wal-Mart has invested thousands of dollars at this point in time.

  2. Walmart has not spent millions of dollars yet so there is still time. The land has not even been purchased. The city council is not following their city charter nor are they following the current UDC. I think that the city must consider the recall and provide action or risk a lawsuit from the citizens. Also, the city council needs to realize that this is far from over with Tx Dot and the NTSB being involved in the process. Tax payers will be paying for this disaster regardless of whether we want to or not. The matter is how much are we going to take before we say enough is enough!